Oracle Jobs Market in Australia

Oracle jobs in Sydney and Melbourne are considered premium and there are also growing demand in Perth and the Brisbane. In Canberra, the government oriented job market also demands Oracle professionals in various disciplines. In Hobart and Adelaide and in Darwin, the job market is below average when it comes to Oracle technology.

From Database administrators to database developers, and from data scientists to the Big Data professionals, the demand for the Oracle professional is medium across the Down Under. Exadata in Australia is getting popularity as more and more blue chip companies are buying this integrated system.

Banks like CommonWealth, mining sector in Perth and Brisbane, telecommunication companies and power distribution companies have already purchased and are running the Exadata and other engineered systems on their own premises. These companies are certainly advertise the jobs in this sector.

Oracle Australia also announces the jobs time to time, and its market seems to be growing day by day. There is no doubt that the future is for the engineered system and the Big data offerings coupled with Cloud technology and the virtualization. SQL Server and MySQL and MongoDB are also there and not to forget the Hadoop and Vertica.

IBM is also not far behind and its offering are also huge and so is its presence in the Australian market. Anyway, the hub of Oracle jobs is Sydney and Melbourne as most of company’s headquarters are based here. But one thing is that you need to have prior Australian experience to get the responses.

So hang on to whatever offering you get.

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