VMware Virtual Cloud Day in Australia

Cloud is everywhere and so is the virtualization. These are not merely new buzzword in this industry anymore. These are real implemented concepts. These concept can be seen and tested and learned More »

Dating Scene Booms in 2014 in Sydney

Searching for a partner in Sydney is not an alien concept. People spend huge amount of time online on various match making websites to find that perfect suitable partner. People do the More »

Reason of Slow Internet Speed in Sydney

There are many handsome and great Internet service providers in the Sydney area. Their plans and packages vary in prices and features. In most of the areas, most of these providers work More »

Top 3 Tips to Get First Job in Australia

If you are just out of college or high school or if you are new to Australia, there is every chance that you are struggling to get that first job. Especially if More »

Sydney’s Second Airport and Property Prices in Penrith Area

Sydney’s property market is one of the very few in the world, which have managed to not only keep their head out of water, they have also kept growing. Sydney probably leads More »



60000 New Homes on Parramatta Road

In order to address the housing shortage problem in the Sydney and to bring the prices in the affordable range, the authorities have decided to build 60000 new homes on the Parramatta road. It’s bit late but at last this initiative is here, and this is very welcome step by the concerned people.

New Zealand Expats Working in Queensland

I was recently in Auckland New Zealand attending a conference in Auckland University and came across many Kiwi expats from Australia who were visiting their homes and almost all of them were based in the Brisbane area or in other locations of Queensland state. Few of them worked in Sydney.

Productivity of Immigrants in Australia

Australia has kind of opened its doors for the educated and skilled immigrants, who are arriving in almost every city of the country from every part of the globe. From India to China, from England to Vietnam, from Indonesia to Sri Lanka, from UAE to USA and from Eastern Europe to Africa, people are getting magnetized towards this great country.

When Immigrant Loose Job in Australia

When immigrant loose job in Australia, its not a pleasant experience at all. Its very stressful, anxious and bad moments. Immigrants come to Australia to improve their lives and the lives of their families and loosing job puts all that in the reverse gear, and they find it hard to survive.

Indian Immigrants Using Online Banking to Transfer Money to India

India is one of the leading countries when it comes to the production of Internet-savvy and Technology aware people. Many of the skilled professionals come to Australia everywhere and contribute to this economy. Most of these immigrant earn high dollars in top paying jobs.

Newspaper Catalog Delivery Jobs in Sydney Exploitation

I was bit short on cash in Sydney few months back. I had to pay my rent and I wanted to work some extra to generate second income. I was specifically in Penrith area of Western Sydney. I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper about the newspaper catalog delivery jobs in Sydney area.

Adelaide Indian Girls Dating

My name is Rajni and I am from New Delhi,  India. I am a new immigrant on PR in Adelaide and just moved into this beautiful city of Australia. As a single professional who works like crazy throughout the week, on weekends I looked around for dating scene in Adelaide and I am perplexed.

Immigrants and Medicare Levy Surcharge Australia

There are lots of confusion and questions about the Immigrants and Medicare Levy Surcharge Australia out there for PR holders, especially among those who have newly arrived in the country and asking about as if they are exempted from it or if they can avoid it legally or they have pay it in any case.

Adelaide Pakistani Community and Restaurants

Though there are no direct flights to Adelaide from Pakistan, the immigrants and expats from Pakistan often travel through Bangkok, Singapore, or UAE. There are some who first travel to Sydney or Melbourne and then catch a connecting flight to Adelaide. The options are many and varied.

Australia Cricket World Cup and Indian Immigrants

India is a Cricket crazy nation just like its neighboring countries Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Top Indian cricketers are treated like gods in their home country. Some diehard fans have even built temples in the honor of their favorite sporting heroes. Whole nation is in grip of Cricket fever.