VMware Virtual Cloud Day in Australia

Cloud is everywhere and so is the virtualization. These are not merely new buzzword in this industry anymore. These are real implemented concepts. These concept can be seen and tested and learned More »

Dating Scene Booms in 2014 in Sydney

Searching for a partner in Sydney is not an alien concept. People spend huge amount of time online on various match making websites to find that perfect suitable partner. People do the More »

Reason of Slow Internet Speed in Sydney

There are many handsome and great Internet service providers in the Sydney area. Their plans and packages vary in prices and features. In most of the areas, most of these providers work More »

Top 3 Tips to Get First Job in Australia

If you are just out of college or high school or if you are new to Australia, there is every chance that you are struggling to get that first job. Especially if More »

Sydney’s Second Airport and Property Prices in Penrith Area

Sydney’s property market is one of the very few in the world, which have managed to not only keep their head out of water, they have also kept growing. Sydney probably leads More »



2015 Job market in Adelaide SA for Immigrants

We need a true and honest picture of 2015 Job market in Adelaide SA for Immigrants. Yes, because we are leaving behind stable jobs, families, everything we know and care, and at least we deserve to know what lies ahead in terms of employment and career.

NSW State Sponsorship Invitation From July 2015

For the new financial year 2015 2016, there is lots of anticipation, hope, tension, and also frustration among the applicants in regards of NSW State Sponsorship Invitation From July 2015 to rest of the year. Migrants from India, Pakistan, and other countries are crossing their fingers.

2015 South Australia State Sponsorship

In India in the year 2015 South Australia State Sponsorship has achieved a new level of popularity. More and more professionals are applying for it or planning to apply for it. Permanent residency in Australia is an exquisite dream for them though India is fast becoming a stable economy by itself.

SOL 2015-16 for Australia Released for Immigrants

It’s official. The SOL 2015-16 for Australia Released for Immigrants and the new applicants would be able to apply under it from 1st July 2015 which is today. This skills in demand in Australia for 2015 and 2016 is very comprehensive and very well thought out.

Greek Immigration to Australia 2015

Their banks are closed and there literally is no organized economy anymore. Prospects of recovery are very dim as its not being expected that Greece would be implementing stricter austerity measures where already there is nothing to save. Default would be a relief for them it seems.

Lebanese Girls in Sydney Dating

A girlfriend of my friend is pure Lebanese as she was born in Beirut and then she came to Sydney with her parents and grew up here. She is the most elegant, beautiful, graceful, decent and intelligent girl I have ever met. That is why perhaps Lebanese girls in Sydney dating is booking.

Getting First Job in Sydney as IT Analyst

One of my friend landed in Sydney on PR last September and he is still to find a decent or even semi-decent job as IT analyst or as IT programmer. There simply aren’t many jobs for developers or programmers and he never even gets a reply back from the recruiters or companies.

5 Reasons for Indians to Immigrate to Australia

Indians love to immigrate to other countries and their favorite destinations include United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada. More recently, they have added Australia and New Zea land to the list. Though still many question the decision.

Code 261313 Software Jobs in Australia for Immigrants

There are various code 261313 software jobs in Australia for immigrants with Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra topping in. In Queensland and Western Australia things are tepid and in northern territory, ACT and Tasmania there is nothing much going on.

Australian Visa Medical in Pakistan and India

Australian Visa Medical in Pakistan and India becomes confusing for some people sometimes just because they don’t really read the immigration department website. I have seen many people going round and round and asking useless questions in this regard.