VMware Virtual Cloud Day in Australia

Cloud is everywhere and so is the virtualization. These are not merely new buzzword in this industry anymore. These are real implemented concepts. These concept can be seen and tested and learned More »

Dating Scene Booms in 2014 in Sydney

Searching for a partner in Sydney is not an alien concept. People spend huge amount of time online on various match making websites to find that perfect suitable partner. People do the More »

Reason of Slow Internet Speed in Sydney

There are many handsome and great Internet service providers in the Sydney area. Their plans and packages vary in prices and features. In most of the areas, most of these providers work More »

Top 3 Tips to Get First Job in Australia

If you are just out of college or high school or if you are new to Australia, there is every chance that you are struggling to get that first job. Especially if More »

Sydney’s Second Airport and Property Prices in Penrith Area

Sydney’s property market is one of the very few in the world, which have managed to not only keep their head out of water, they have also kept growing. Sydney probably leads More »



Windows 10 in Australia

Windows 10 in Australia is gaining lots of media attention and user interest even before the proper release and already people are asking about it. That shows the promise of this product and it manifests the trust people still have on the Microsoft regarding the operating system.

Accountancy jobs in Australia for Indians and foreigners

Lots of Indian expats and immigrants in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth struggle to land on their first job as accountant. They face extreme competition from the local market. Even for the starter jobs, there are lots of people here who do local courses from TAFE, and get certified and they get the first preference from the employers.

House Prices in Australia Flat for September 2014

So what future holds for the Australian housing market? Or more specifically, the question perhaps should be that how in the coming summer Australian housing market is going to be performing in the capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and of other states including the ACT ant NT?

Free Dating Apps Australia Android

Smart is in the hand of everybody, and that somebody has a heart too. So often, these hands and hearts work in coordination to find that perfect soul mate, or just a casual date or some quick meeting. Whether you are bored on the weekend, or you need to have fun on the weekdays, the quickest way to find a date is through apps these days.

Getting Cheap Taxi in Penrith Area

I thought probably it was only difficult in getting a taxi in late night in central business district of Sydney, but I cam to know that it was equally tough to hire a cab in Penrith area of Sydney most of the time. Especially if you live just away from the Penrith CBD, it comes more hard.

Living in NT Australia for Indian and Pakistani Expats

Lots and lots of Indian and Pakistani expats are looking to reside and work in the Northern Territory of Australia. Living in NT Australia for Indian and Pakistani expats is getting popular steadily though still the destinations of choice are Sydney and Melbourne or Perth.

Victoria State Closes Software Skilled Nomination Visa

The news is out. It was bound to happen sooner or later, and some people are saying that perhaps other states like South Australia may also follow the suit, though for SA there is no news yet. But for Victoria state sponsored skill immigration nomination, this news is confirmed and has been published.

South Australia State Sponsorship Pakistani Indian Professionals

Many of my friends from Pakistan and India have reached in Adelaide recently who are expert in their fields on the South Australia State sponsorship. Some have also arrived in NT, but I have seen an increased number for the SA state sponsorship. It seems that’s where the trend is these days.

Indian Professional Immigrants in Australia

Lots and lots of Indian experts in the fields of IT, engineering, medical, financial, and other areas are landing in Australia as immigrants. The people I know are either coming directly from the India and then there are many who are coming from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other such places.

Australia Immigration Time for Pakistanis and My Experience

I am just going to list down my own experience as a new immigrant to the Australia and how much time it took me to reach here in Sydney after applying for PR visa from Pakistan.  Australia Immigration Time for Pakistanis can vary from person to person, and as I am NOT an immigration agent so I cannot give you advice as how time does it take or how much it would take for you specifically.